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Welcome to Dog Camp, hosted by the Alpine Dog Ranch!

We are an outdoor, mountain retreat for your pup while you're away.

Camp is a wonderful place for your pup to socialize, exercise and be a dog amongst other dogs of all shapes & sizes!

Virtual & Physical Tours

Before sending your pup(s) to camp, we want you to see our ranch! To start, we have a virtual video tour:

To schedule an in-person tour, you must make an appointment. We conduct physical tours on Saturdays in the afternoon. All you need to bring is your pup with collar and leash. Please inform us if you have an aggressive dog, thank you!

Email Subject:

Camp Schedule

Everyday is a new adventure for the pack in our three acre fence-enclosed oasis! We do three multi-hour hikes each day, culminating in 8-12 hours of play, depending on the season. The morning hike starts before sunrise and the evening hike ends after sunset.

In between, we do our midday hike, which is immediately preceded by breakfast. After the midday hike, the pack rests for a short time before concluding the day by hiking in the magnificent Alpine twilight.

During their short periods of daytime rest and their longer nightime recuperation, the pack enjoys a well-insulated barn with heating and cooling, as needed. We have cots and bedding in separate 40 sqft. runs, where they are also fed separately.

What To Bring

It's very simple, we only require normal (not prong) collars, medicine and food, in a closed container. We take care of the rest including bedding, bowls, leashes, treats, hugs & kisses!

Please bring all food in a resealable container. We are able to refrigerate and freeze wet food.

We do accept donations for any old or unwanted beds, blankets, crates, bowls, treats or even monetary donations. Thank you!


Day Rates

Our flat rates & discounts include 8+ hours per day of hiking and activity, which is equivalent to hundreds of dollars in add-ons at some facilities. We are a one of a kind camp designed to optimize your pup's physical and mental well-being!

(Sep 01 - May 31)

(Jun 01 - Aug 31)

(Holidays - No Discounts)

Holiday Price Dates:

Easter/Spring Break

Memorial Day Weekend

4th of July Week

Thanksgiving Week
(Fri before to Wed after)

Before Christmas to After New Year's:
Dec. 15 - Jan. 05

If you require us to give your pup medication, we charge $5/day. Please include clear instructions and a proper medication container.


We offer discounts for multiple dogs and/or longer stays.

During the holidays, discounts are not applied. Thank you for your support!

5% OFF
Military Discount

10% OFF
2 Pups or 2 Weeks

15% OFF
3 Pups or 3 Weeks

20% OFF
4 Pups or 4 Weeks

25% OFF
6 Pups or 6 Weeks

Additional Savings:
Discounts are additive. For example, two dogs that also stay 14 days or more will get 20% off of non-holidays versus 10%.

If you pick up your pup(s) from the ranch at your morning appointment time, you do not have to pay for that day.

Note: The first day of the stay counts as a full day at camp, regardless of check-in time. WE ARE CLOSED SUNDAYS, but may be able to accomodate you for a $100 convenience fee.


Round-Trip Transport to Your House:

We can transport to your house directly for $65-100, depending on your location. We do not travel up to north county. Please check capability and availability with us directly to make an appointment for transport.

We transport our dogs in our official Dog Camp van. We also have multiple vans to transport our pack to safety, in the event of a wildfire, which is a periodic, yet rare, occurence.

Please Note: Our transport service is available by appointment only on weekdays only.

Zen Training

For dogs who are out of control, hyper or unfocused, we offer a special training program to start your pup on their educational path.

Our program is a catalyst for good behavior, but it requires further diligence and effort from you to enforce their training in daily life. The program lasts five days, usually Monday-Friday, and includes:

1.) One Hour of One-On-One Leash Training Per Day

2.) One Hour Training Session With Owner

3.) Daily Pack Socializing & Discipline

4.) Boarding

The cost for the Zen Program is $1200, including:

Boarding, Training Materials and a one hour follow up training session.

New to Camp?

We require a printed copy of these camp forms.

Camp Forms

Tell Us About Your Pup (REQUIRED)


Returning Camper?

If you want to book a stay at camp for your pup(s), please complete this form. You need to have either completed the questionnaire form above OR have been to camp before to place a booking.

Book A Stay!

Contact Info

Ranch Email:

Ranch Phone: (619) 659-5034

Thomas' Cell: (619) 438-1551


Our ranch is located in Alpine, California.

Please download the camp forms to get more precise directions to camp.

Download Camp Forms

Ranch Pups

We are honored to have known some of our campers for their entire lives. Many members of our daily pack are returning campers who are either there for the day or for multiple weeks to months even.

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